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Anodal® Finishing Additives



A broad range of chemistry for improved productivity and decorative appeal.

Anodizing Additives

Product Comments
Anodal EE liq Premium quality MAE type anodizing additive. Enables hard coating at 55ºF.
Anodal EEN liq Additive for high speed anodizing. Built in fume suppressant.
Anodal AANF liq General purpose liquid additive.


Anodizing Aids

Product Comments
Anodal Dye Buffer liq Activator and pH stabilizer for dye baths.
Anodal PTFE liq Concentrated polytetrafluoroethylene dispersion that satisfies AMS 2482A and MIL A 63576A Type I.
Ekaline F liq Highly effective mist suppressant for anodizing and acid etch baths.
Anodal Defoamer NS liq Easy use multi-purpose liquid defoamer.
Antimussol C-1 liq Defoamer well suited for waste treatment.
Anodal WT-A liq Waste treatment conditioner for dye baths.
Cartafix WE liq Waste treatment flocculant for dye baths.
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Product Comments
Anodal Acid Cleaner 3 A phosphoric acid based blended cleaner. Well suited for Brite-Dip lines.
Anodal Cleaner BMC New liq Non-silicated alkaline soak cleaner. Great even at lower temperatures.
Anodal Cleaner NFB Non-foaming, non-silicated alkaline soak. Great for buffing compounds.
Anodal Cleaner NFO Non-foaming, non-silicated alkaline soak. Excellent detergency.
Anodal Cleaner PMP
Non-phosphate, non-silicated alkaline soak cleaner. Effective at removing stamping oils and buffing compounds.
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Product Comments
Anodal Deox LFN liq Fully blended desmut/deox that is chromate free. Good for job shops.
Anodal Deox Additive liq Add to nitric acid to provide excellent performance. Good for Brite-Dip.
Anodal Deox CR #1 Iron free additive to nitric acid. Suitable for tri-chrome process lines.
Anodal Deox CDO p Add to nitric acid to provide long life, high quality casting deoxidizer.
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Electrolytic Colorants

Product Comments
Anodal Color S-2 liq Anti-oxidant and color enhancement additive in Sandocolor TS-2 & TSN.
Anodal Color TS-2 liq Fully blended product produces consistent color quality.
Anodal Color TSN liq Premium fully blended product. Best choice for tin electrodes.
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Product Comments
Anodal EC-2 liq Architectural etch additive proven to reduce caustic consumption and lower gloss.
Anodal Etch Add B liq Added to caustic to increase aluminum solubility – never dump.
Anodal Etch Add C liq Drum stable version of Etch Additive B.
Anodal Etch Add LG liq Added to caustic to increase aluminum solubility and reduce gloss.
Anodal Etch LG Fully blended low-gloss caustic etch. Good for job shops.
Anodal Etch SD-1 Fully blended caustic etch product. Good for job shops.
Anodal Ultra Matte Fluoride blended product used for the pretreatment of anodized aluminum.
Anodal Ultra Matte Additive Grain refiner additive to improve acid etch efficiency and finish.
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Product Comments
Anodal Aluseal Smut suppressant for use in conventional hot nickel acetate based seals.
Anodal AS Fully blended hot nickel acetate seal formulated with Aluseal pdr.
Anodal AS liq Liquid form of Sealing Salt AS pdr.
Anodal ASL Fully blended hot nickel acetate seal formulated with Anodal OL pdr.
Anodal CS-2 liq Used for sealing at room temperature.
Anodal CS-3 Powder Premium quality cobalt-free room temperature sealant containing nickel fluoride.
Anodal ES-1 liq Fully blended nickel-free mid-temperature seal product for non-dyed coatings.
Anodal MS-1 New liq Low cost fully blended mid-temperature nickel acetate seal.
Anodal MS-1A liq Will prolong the life of Anodal MS-1, Anodal MS-1 New, Anodal MTS Plus and Anodal ES-1 seals.
Anodal MTS Plus NPE-free nickel acetate medium-temperature seal.
Anodal OL Non-yellowing smut suppressant for use in hot nickel acetate based seals.
Anodal SH-1 liq Hot water sealing additive to control smut and improve seal.
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acid etch gloss vs consumptionAcid Etch Gloss vs Consumption

Published on November 14, 2013

A new additive which promises to significantly improve the processing cost of acid etched aluminum has recently been developed by Reliant Aluminum Products. It is based on the effect that some transition metal salts have on the etch rate and gloss/consumption ratio. As shown in the accompanying chart, the additive and/or blended product promises to save 30% or more on acid etch chemical costs incurred by the aluminum finisher. To illustrate this saving, achieving a gloss of 20 in the "as etched" state for conventional chemistry (blue line) requires the consumption of 1.10 g/ft2 of aluminum from the metal surface. The red and green curves illustrate that this same level of gloss can be achieved with the consumption of 0.81 g/ft2 and 0.70 g/ft2 aluminum respectively.

High-Phosphate Acid Etch

Published on February 21, 2014

Increased phosphate levels in ammonium bifluoride acid etch have demonstrated in the lab and proven in production to produce a low gloss matte finish on aluminum with excellent surface blemish hiding power. In a recent production trial, etch chemistries comprising active fluoride concentrations of 25-45 g/l and phosphate levels of 40-50 g/l produced defect free surfaces anodized with gloss levels of 6 or less as measured at 60 degrees. This was done while reducing chemical consumption by 28%.